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Osborne U-turn over tax credit cuts
George Osborne does a U-turn on cuts to tax credits and vows to protect police funding in his Spending Review.

Buy-to-let homes face higher stamp duty
Buy-to-let landlords and those buying second homes in England and Wales will soon have to pay a stamp duty surcharge, the chancellor has announced.

Cyber-thieves 'target bargain hunters'
Cyber-thieves are preparing malware and spam campaigns in a bid to catch out retailers and shoppers during the run-up to Christmas, say experts.

Public finances better off by £27bn
The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) predicts a £27bn improvement in the public finances over the next five years.

Tax changes in the pipeline
Our tax affairs will be organised digitally in the future, Chancellor George Osborne says, but it does not mean it is getting any simpler. So what are the changes?

Osborne's £23bn magic trick
How has the chancellor pulled off the magical trick of cutting less without inflating the deficit?

What the chancellor's words mean for you
The policies announced by the chancellor in his Autumn Statement and Spending Review have a big effect on your finances. Here's how.

New apprenticeships levy to raise £3bn
An apprenticeship levy on company payrolls will fund three million places for apprentices, the chancellor says, but business groups call it a "new payroll tax".

Osborne backs major transport schemes
Capital spending on big transport projects will rise by 50% over the current Parliament, the chancellor has announced.

'Tampon tax' to go to women's charities
The £15m raised each year from charging VAT on tampons will be used to fund women's health and support charities, the chancellor has announced.

HIV pill price cut by half in US
The company that sparked an outcry by raising the price of its HIV drug in the US by 5,000% says it will cut its price for some users.

'Give Africa $16bn for climate change'
Temperatures across the globe are likely to break records in 2015 with readings running "well above" any previous year, scientists say.

Ukraine bans all Russian planes
Ukraine bans all Russian planes from using its airspace as Russian state-controlled energy giant Gazprom stops delivering gas to its neighbour.

Network Rail sell-off to fund upgrades
Network Rail wants to sell £1.8bn of railway arch space, disused depots and shop space in bigger stations to help raise the cash to upgrade UK railways.